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Olutorsk" fish sold in Bié

Wed, 16 Sep 2020 10:44 - Society

Cuito - Central Bié province received Tuesday 30 tonnes of mackerel fish for distribution to the economic agents, as part of distribution plan of 1,200 tonnes of fish seized from Ukrainian vessel "Olutorsk", last August, in coastal Benguela province.

Twenty-one companies have been selected to sell the product, with each to receive more than 40 boxes for sale at a price of 15,000 kwanzas.

The companies selected for the exercise of this activity are expected to reimburse 7.2 million kwanzas to the State coffers.

Speaking at the ceremony held at “Praça da Solidariedade” square, in Cuito, the director of the Provincial Office for Integrated Economic Development, Anacleta Leonardo, said that beneficiaries features economists from the municipalities of Cuito, Andulo, Nharea and Cuemba.

Bought at AKz 8,000, per box, the re-sell should not exceed the price of AKZ.15,000, urged the official.

To avoid price speculation and ensure compliance with the Covid-19 prevention and containment measures, the government set up a Provincial Multi-Sector Commission to monitor the process.

Additional three tons delivered to the Provincial Office of Social Action, Family and Gender Equality, will be distributed to the “Elavoco Liomwenho” Homes for the Elderly as well as the shelters for Leprosy, Casas Lar do Cuito, Sanatorium Hospital  and Prison Services.

Angolan authority seized the Ukrainian vessel, with 90 crew members on board, for infringing the legally catch quota norms.