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Government works on immediate implementation of PAPE

Tue, 30 Jun 2020 13:36 - Society

Luanda - The Angolan Government is working to implement immediately the Action Plan for Promotion of Employability (PAPE), said last Monday, in Luanda, the minister of Public Administration, Labour and Social Security, Teresa Rodrigues Dias.

The minister referred that the PAPE, defined and approved by the President of the Republic, is being realigned according to the financial availability of the General State Budget (OGE), in order to function properly in the shortest time.

Speaking to the press, at the end of a working and assessment  visit to the provincial services of the National Institute of Employment and Professional Training of Luanda (Inefop) and the Business Incubator, Teresa Dias stressed the existence of financial and material constraints, which should be exceeded with the resources of the Employability Program.

She said that the sector will bet on improving the training centers that the structures need for proper alignment with the needs of the entrepreneurs.

"To see whether or not our centers are able to carry out the program, we also visited the business incubator, where the projects are aligned and worked on so that we can then create more jobs,"she said.

The Minister added that the objective is to have direct contact with the physical structures, to know the constraints and difficulties of the administrative agents, in order to realign and correspond to the expectations with regard to employability.

She also stressed that the Government 's bet, in recent years, has been to increase the number of employees. ”However, we had a condition that has led us to lose jobs. Even so, we cannot cross our arms ”, said Teresa Rodrigues Dias.

The official visited the provincial services of Inefop, the General Labor Inspectorate, the Business Incubator, the Multipurpose Professional Training Center and the Training Center for Trainers.

PAPE's objective is to increase the institutional capacity of vocational and employment training centers, both public and private, to improve their organization and functioning and the quality of the training offer, as well as the extension of the network of training and employment units.

PAPE emerged to foster and support the entrepreneurial spirit of initiative, fundamentally, of young people and women, to value the exercise of professions, through the attribution of professional portfolios and to give trainees the opportunity to graduate.

It is a program that aims to reduce the unemployment rate, fight poverty and vulnerability, as well as grow the economy, making Angola a better country and with a more hopeful future.

The project, valued at 21 billion Kwanzas, was created to create more than 250 thousand jobs by 2021, promoting the formalization of small businesses, converting the informal economy and contributing to the increase of family income and the reduction of poverty in the country .