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Drought in Cunene causes children's involvement in hard labour

Mon, 23 Sep 2019 09:58 - Society

Ondjiva - The drought hitting the southern Cunene Province since October 2018 has gone worse and forced many underage boys and girls, some even younger than fifteen, to get involved in hard physical activities with a view to dealing with the phenomenon and its consequences, such as hunger and thirst.

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ANGOP has come across such reality in the localities of Oupiakadi, Oshamola, Hehabo and Onamuka and Evale, where one can find many youngsters involved in boreholes digging to find and extract water, which they then carry in containers by their own physical effort as well.


Speaking to ANGOP, some of the children said they are growing weary of the situation of the lack of water for human consumption and for the livestock, which has caused them to neglect going to school and, instead, focus on herding for survival.

The 14-year old Mateus Muhakenange Nande has said to ANGOP that the drought has become more intense, reason why he now goes often to the Ipyakadi area in which some boreholes have been dug to fetch water.

On her turn, ten-year old Eugenia Hihalwa has appealed to the government to speed up the process of drilling boreholes for water and also step up the assistance with foodstuffs and other supplies.

Meanwhile, In the framework of the emergency plan to tackle the drought, the government of Cunene has already made available 20 tank trucks for water distribution, nearly two dozens of tractors and 400 reservoirs placed in strategic points of several localities.