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Bishop wants schools to promote culture of peace

Fri, 20 Sep 2019 18:20 - Society

Sumbe - Bishop of the Diocese of Sumbe, Dom Luzizila Kiala, stressed Friday the need for school institutions to become the main promoters of the culture of peace.

  • Bishop of Sumbe, Dom Luzizila Kiala (FILE)

The prelate left this advice in a lecture on “Culture of Peace” addressed to students of the Institute of Educational Sciences (ISCED).

According to the religious leader, school institutions should redouble their efforts and work more in education, as well as in the recovery of moral, civic, ethical and cultural values.

“The school must continue to contribute to the education of society, to changing people's mindsets and to pacifying conflicts,” he said.

He believes that the school should have a responsibility to promote forgiveness, tolerance, solidarity, social harmony, justice and the pacification of spirits.

Bishop Luzizila Kiala considers that peace is a “precious” good and must be preserved by all, calling on Angolans to be guided by dialogue and consensus, based on respect for opinions and ideas contrary to their own.