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Masfamu wants social improvements of poor families

Tue, 09 Jul 2019 16:46 - Society

Luanda - The Ministry of Social Action, Family and Women's Promotion (Masfamu), advises women to raise their scientific knowledge in ways to secure jobs and improve their empowerment for the social improvement of poor families

  • Faustina Fernandes Ingles de Almeida Alves, Minister of Social Action and Women Promotion

The challenge was left by the minister Faustina Alves, in the municipality of Cacuaco, when opening the African Women's Journey, promoted by Masfamu, running until 31st of October, under the motto "Empowering African women is to build an inclusive and secure Africa".

According to the minister, strategies for rapid resolution, poverty, improved public health, maternal and child health, education, literacy, HIV and AIDS and domestic violence are urgently needed.

It is equally crucial for the minister to ensure equality and gender equity, family welfare, values, peace and security, pregnancy and early marriage, self-employment and female vendors.

With regard to female vendors, Masfamu is integrating them into cooperative in ways that would facilitate their support, noting the need to have their street vendor identification cards to avoid friction with tax officials or police.