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SJA urges journalists to complain about intimidation

Tue, 25 Jun 2019 10:17 - Society

Luanda - The secretary-general of the Angolan Journalists Union (SJA), Teixeira Cândido, appealed on Monday in Luanda for journalists to file a complaint to the police about the intimidation that many suffer when covering cases that get a lot of media hype in the country.

  • Journalists present at press conference

Teixeira Cândido made this appeal at a press conference following the threats made by relatives and lawyers of the defendants in the National Shippers Council (CNC) Trial happening in the Supreme Court, which involves strong accusations of embezzlement of large sums of moneys.

To him, these threats are obstacles to the exercise of freedom of the press, enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Angola, taking into account that the mission of journalists is to inform with truth.

"If the relatives want to threaten, they must do it to the Public Ministry (Prosecution) that made the accusation and not the journalists who have the mission of informing and not condemning," he said.

He added that, from now on, journalists who are intimidated must file a complaint and not be inhibited, stressing that these cases come to the attention of the union through the injured parties and other sources.

The trial, known as the "CNC Lawsuit", involves former Transport minister Augusto Tomás and four other former officers of the CNC management board.