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Japan spends USD 200,000 on mine clearance in Uíge

Tue, 11 Jun 2019 18:18 - Society

Uige - An amount of USD 200,000 have been spent on land mine removal in northern Uige province in the last 12 months, announced Tuesday the Japanese Embassy in Angola.

Speaking to journalist, the Chargés d’Affaires of Japan’s Embassy, Toshinori Matshushiro, said the money was earmarked for demining process in five areas located in Dange-Quitexe (three), Bungo (one) and Maquela do Zombo (one).

Toshinori Matshushiro, who disclosed the data at the end of the meeting with the governor of Uige, Pinda Simão, said the money was donated to the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) NGO, which, under the Mine Action Programme, cleared 627,000 square meters, equivalent to 60 hectares.

The land mine removal process covered the municipalities of Dange-Quitexe, Bungo and Maquela do Zombo.

He also spoke of his government availability to launch new social projects in the region in the near future to complement the humanitarian aid it has provided to the province, since the time of armed conflict.