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Ministry negotiates funds for journalists' professional badge

Thu, 28 Nov 2019 12:48 - Society

Luanda - The Mass Media minister, Nuno Albino "Carnaval," on Tuesday in Luanda said the sector he runs is negotiating with the Finance Ministry for it to allocate funds for the creation process of the Professional Badge and setting up the Professional Ethics Commission for Journalists.

  • Mass Media minister, Nuno Albino "Carnaval".

"We are working with the Ministry of Finance to increase the funds for the installation of the Badge and Ethics Commission. This committee is fundamental for the self-regulation of the Media sector. It is important the allocation of a financing in the State Budget for the installation of the Badge and Ethics Commission", the minister said to parliamentarians.

He also spoke of the priorities of the sector, pointing the strategic plan of the Mass Media sector based on the process of restructuring and modernizing public media organs.

He admitted, however, that journalists need to be more and more valued and institutionally motivated, that being essential to the intended modernization process in the media domain.

“We cannot have modern organs, better working conditions without motivation and valorization of journalists”, emphasized the minister.