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Court condemns leader of Bom Deus Church

Tue, 19 Feb 2019 10:13 - Society

Luanda - The leader of the church “Bom Deus” (Good God), Simão Lutumba, on Monday in Luanda was condemned by the court to pay a fine of 200 kwanzas per day and 30,000 kwanzas of justice tax , in exchange for 40 days in prison.

  • Founder of the Bom Deus church, Simão Lutumba

The religious leader was judged on crimes of disobedience and resistance.

The court also condemned the church’s lawyer, Ambrósio Francisco, to 45 days in jail, turned into a fine.

The religious leader and his lawyer were arrested last Sunday by the National Police for public disorder, following a court order which prevented the pastor from unveiling the congregation’s new temple, due to a dispute with the construction company over the lack of payment of AKZ 2 billion.

The prohibition to unveil the new temple of the church was applied on February 15 by Luanda Provincial Court, following the complaint submitted by the construction company.

Simão Lutumba was accused on Saturday by the police of withdrawing the seal which prevented him from unveiling the new temple, to force its inauguration on Sunday, however the police foiled the action.