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Multi-sector commission creates Kilamba water drainage system

Wed, 31 Oct 2018 19:00 - Society

Luanda - Multi-sector Commission wants an urgent construction of a temporary wastewater and rainwater drainage system from the Kilamba city, Luanda province, to drain rain water that has flooded roads in recent days.

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The Multi-sector Commission reached the conclusion at the end of a visit to district on Wednesday.

Integrated by the ministers of Energy and Water João Baptista Borges, Planning and Housing Ana Paula de Carvalho, Construction and Public Works Manuel Tavares de Almeida and the Governor of Luanda province Adriano Mendes de Carvalho, the Commission analysed the main causes and immediate solutions to tackle the floods on the highway.

The final solution to the problem entails, in  a second phase, the construction of a macro drainage system of the city basin, said the technician of urban infrastructure Department of the Ministry of Spatial Planning and Housing, Nuno Brandão.

Speaking to the press at the end of the visit, Nuno Brandão said he was unaware of the causes linked to the origin of the water in the road, stressing that this situation will require a meeting between the four bodies and the contractor of the work to study the situation.

As for the creation of the provisional drainage system, he said that it was an urgent action, it is possible to conclude in one month, but the definitive one is characterized by a long term of execution.