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Priest Belmiro Tchinguete appointed Bishop of Cabinda

Tue, 03 Jul 2018 17:23 - Society

Benguela - The Pope Francis has appointed Bishop Belmiro Cuika Tchinguete of the Diocese of Cabinda, said Tuesday, the Bishop of the Diocese of Benguela, António Francisco Jaka.

  • Dom Belmiro Tchinguete

Bishop António Francisco Jaka announced the fact in a joint interview at the Cathedral, in the presence of Bishop emeritus Óscar Braga, at the request of the Archbishop and Chairperson of the Episcopal Conference of Angola and Sao Tome (CEAST), Archbishop Filomeno Vieira Dias.

The Diocese of Cabinda had as Apostolic Administrator Archbishop Filomeno Vieira Dias, four years ago, for accumulation with the Archdiocese of Luanda.

In announcing the appointment in an environment that brought together the diocesan priesthood of different religious congregations and other mission agents based in the province, Bishop António Francisco Jaka considered the act to be crucial and relevant to the Catholic Church in Angola, particularly to the province of Cabinda.

Bishop António Francisco Jaka congratulated the new Bishop and expressed his satisfaction that he had been ordained for 21 years as a parish priest in the Diocese of Benguela.
In his speech, the new Bishop of the Diocese of Cabinda, Belmiro Cuika Tchinguete, thanked the Holy Father for his confidence in his presence, saying that he was aware of the challenges, "because it is God's work that belongs to his goodness, wishing good health and time needed to fulfill the mission".