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Angola: Media role in combating malaria highlighted

Sun, 01 Jul 2018 13:05 - Society

Luanda - Communication and social marketing can help to improve the behave of families towards the combat against malaria, said on Friday in Luanda the Secretary of State for Social Communication, Celso Malavoloneke.

  • Celso Malavoloneke, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Social Communication

The official said so to the press while addressing workshop on training of trainers on behavior change communication in relation to malaria, a disease caused by a vector (mosquito) that reproduces outdoors in conditions normally associated with poor hygiene and environmental cleanliness.

According to the official, the said group is being coordinated by the Media Ministry, since that in the past the government had the support of UN and organizations of the civil society.

"The Ministry of Social Communication took up this challenge of coordinating this aspect of journalism communication, advertising and marketing, so as to guide journalists, activists, mobilizers and their supervisors to use their tools to eliminate this vector”, said the official.

Celso Malavoloneke also said in the coming time the Ministry will mobilize all the Media actors, including the private outlets, as well as the producers that play an important role in social marketing area to jointly take up this challenge.

However, he added, the Media Ministry is currently committed to the intensive mobilization on the recent cases of cholera detected in Luanda.

The training of trainer’s workshop is aimed at training the participants in the dissemination of the strategic plan and strengthening of the communication for changing behavior towards malaria in the country.