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Minister recommends anticipation of negative communications

Mon, 11 Jun 2018 18:17 - Society

Luanda - Public institutions need to anticipate possible negative communications hanging in the air about themselves, to minimize the harmful reactions of society, said Monday, the Minister of Social Communication, João Melo.

  • Social Communication minister, João Melo
  • Participantes do Seminário Metodológico sobre Normas de Actuação

To this end, according to the minister, institutions, either ministries, companies or others, must organize and plan the institutional communication, providing in this process a budget, since communication actions have costs.

João Melo, who was speaking at a "Methodological Seminar on Performance Standards for Public Communication on Electricity and Water Services," advised managers to prepare for crises that often affect the image of the institutions they lead.

He urged them to communicate more and better because it is a need of those who govern. "If those who govern communicate poorly, it opens up opportunities for opponents to criticize," he warned.

The Cabinet minister told managers that good communication does not outperform good governance, because those who govern poorly, no matter how well they communicate, their works contradict it.

"Communication is important, but it does not make a miracle. If we are not governing well there is no campaign or advertisement that helps to have a good image or reputation. People will realize that the institution is not doing well, "the manager said.

In order to communicate more and better, João Melo recommended strengthening the communication areas of the institutions or, in some cases, hiring specialized companies.

He directed the institutions to surpass the view that they only work with the public press and get to know the journalistic culture better.