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Official suggests new commitments to recovery of moral values

Fri, 04 May 2018 15:20 - Society

Cuito - The governor of the central Bie province Álvaro Manuel Boavida Neto has suggested the building of general foundations within the families.

  • Governor of Bié, Álvaro de Boavida Neto
  • Participants in the meeting

 Speaking  at the opening of the 21st Provincial Family Council on Friday, the governor spoke of the need to get engaged in recovery of moral, ethical and civic values.

The commitment enables the emergence of generations endowed with key principles to safeguard social harmony.

Álvaro Boavida Neto urged the parents and guardians to accept the successes and failures of their children and inure them to the environment of social harmony.

The measure, according to him, aims to prepare the children for life, respecting the individualities, improve the human perspective and character, to deal with truth and loyalty.

Speaking of the impact of globalization, the governor warned that this phenomenon deprives the families of solidarity and charity.

The meeting discusses, among various matters, strengthening of the family relationship.

The agenda also includes, community, school, norms and coexistence in societies, research, rescue and the preservation of values.