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Lunda Sul: Official wants more openness to Media

Fri, 04 May 2018 17:16 - Society

Saurimo - The governor of the eastern Lunda Sul province Ernesto Kiteculo Friday in Saurimo called on public managers for greater openness to Media to ensure true information to the citizens and avoid speculation.


The official was speaking to the press on the relationship between the government and the Media houses.

He said the public managers should cultivate the habit of communicating in order to keep citizens informed about projects in the pipeline and those in progress, especially those aimed at improving the living conditions of the population.

According to the governor, those in charge of State asset should always be open to Media to ensure the clarification of the matters related to the sector he leads, for credibility of the institutions.

He added that the managers should not feel intimidated when confronted by journalists on clarification of a particular issue.

To the journalists,  Ernesto Kiteculo appealed for performance of the activity with professionalism, informing with regour, impartiality, exemption and, mainly, resorting to the principle of adversary.

Four State-run Media outlets secure the information in the eastern Lunda Sula province.

They are Angola News Agency (ANGOP), Edições Novembro (News Paper), National Radio Station (RNA)  and Television Station (TPA).

The  privately-owned radio (Rádio Eclésia) is also represented by a branch in the region.