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Governor advises young people to bet on Entrepreneurship

Sun, 15 Apr 2018 10:10 - Society

Uíge - Young people must bet on Entrepreneurship with the aim of creating jobs, the provincial governor, Mpinda Simão, advised on Saturday in the city of Uíge.

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The governor, who was speaking during the event that marked the Angolan National Youth Day, held under the motto "Youth Entrepreneurship and Development", said that public tenders should not be the only source of employment for young people.

For Mpinda Simão, youth is part of the problem and should also be part of the solution.

"In all the stages that make our history, youth has always been the main force in which the nation supported itself in order to transform society," he stressed, highlighting the bravery of young people in the fight against colonialism for the conquest of national independence and peace.

As you said, the Government is aware that problems are priorities and need effective solutions.