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Masfamu holds seminar on fighting poverty

Thu, 05 Apr 2018 18:05 - Society

Luanda- A seminar on fighting against poverty will take place Friday in Luanda as part of the latest dissemination and methodological guidance of the Integrated Plan for Local Development and Fighting Poverty (PIDLCP), under the auspices of Ministry of Social Action, Family and Women Promotion (Masfamu).

  • Victória Francisco da Conceição - minister of Masfamu

The initiative is meant to reduce the incidence of poverty from 36.6 percent to 25 %, corresponding to about 3 million Angolans, of whom 412,624 in 2018.

Among the priorities stress goes to the completion of reintegration of about 80,537 former combatants.

The PIDLCP was adopted as blueprint to speed up this process. The said project in eligible municipalities will cover 70 percent of ex-military personnel and 30 % communities.

In order to ensure the successful implementation of the programme, Masfamu held 17 provincial training seminars for its operation.