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Minister tells municipal administrations to speed up work

Fri, 07 Dec 2018 10:00 - Society

Ondjiva - Angola's minister of Spatial Planning and Housing Ana Paula de Carvalho has told the Municipal Administrations to efficiently speedup the planning and approval of the local development programmes.

The minister launched the appeal Thursday at the opening of the 2nd Consultative Council of the sector held in southern Cunene province.

Since the adoption of the sustainable development agenda three years ago, little was done in terms of planning, she said, underlining that of the 164 municipalities only 11 have their programme approved.

Paula de Carvalho also spoke of the need to accelerate the elaboration, approval and implementation of these tools to avoid disorderly growth of cities.

She also said that the speedup adoption of these instruments would prevent the illegal occupation of land, the transformation of agriculture zones into urban areas, the exploration of natural resources in reserve areas, among others.

"It is necessary to look at our territory in a global way, giving priority to the equal participation of all social authors, working with local communities so that they are promoters of the development of municipalities and communes," she said.

The minister said that the country formally adopted a new agenda consisting of 17 sustainable development goals that should be implemented by all the countries of the world by 2030.