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Luanda Government defines new models of garbage collection

Thu, 15 Nov 2018 19:16 - Society

Luanda - Luanda government announced a new model for taxing and collecting garbage set to come into force by January 19.

  • Antas Miguel, Assistant of deputy governor for economic sector

The public system will deal with domestic waste.

All large areas will have the responsibility of signing contracts with companies licensed by the Provincial Government.

The State will only be tasked with defining rules and supervising the process.

Domestic consumers will pay two fees. One for environmental hygiene and another linked to collection and treatment of garbage produced by residents.

The assistant of deputy governor for the economic sector, Antas Miguel, who did not disclose the amount to be charged, said that the fees will be indexed to the electricity bill, in order to make effective its collection.

Speaking to the press Thursday, Antas Miguel,  said that rubbish tax will be lower that the current one.

The current rubbish tax, in force since January 2017, stands at 2,500 kwanzas for the urban area and 1500 kwanzas for the suburban zones.