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Zaire: Group of illegal loggers dismantled

Mon, 22 Jan 2018 13:07 - Society

Soyo - At least 325 Congolese and Angolan citizens, who illegally used to carry out a large scale logging activity for vegetal coal manufacturing, were arrested on Saturday by the National Police in Soyo City, northern Zaire Province.

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The detention resulted from a joint operation between the National police and Armed Forces officers undertaken in  Kinguila and Lumueno municipalities of Soyo City.

Speaking to ANGOP on Sunday, the spokesman of the operation stated that uncontrolled logging carried out by Angolans and foreigners has been one of the biggest concerns of the local authorities, since it has a negative impact on the forest resources of the region.

According to the source, the Angolan citizens involved in this crime will get the charge of criminal wrongdoing and of aiding and promoting illegal immigration, while the Congolese citizens will be punished and expelled from the country.