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Angola: Welfare Minister works in Lunda Norte

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 10:32 - Society

Luanda - The Minister of Social Welfare, Gonçalves Muadumba, left this Thursday for Lunda Norte province, where he is chairing a delegation of the interministerial committee that monitors the situation of more than 31.000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo in Angola.

  • Gonçalves Muanduba - Social Welfare Minister

Speaking to Angop at Luanda’s “4 de Fevereiro” International Airport, the minister explained that the visit to the referred region is aimed at assessing and learning of the compliance with the guidelines on refugee issues, since there is a commission locally that deals with the matter.

According to the source, it will also be addressed, among other issues, the transfer of some refugees, namely the elderly and children, to other places of better accommodation.

He added that the construction of new infrastructures in these refugee camps is also one of the reasons for his 48-hour visit to Lunda Norte province.

The minister is being accompanied in this visit by the Secretaries of State for Construction, Health, Interior and Forest Resources, António Flôr, Eleutério Hivilikwa, Bamukina Zau and André Moda, respectively.