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Bengo: State secretary pleased with former soldiers work

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 16:21 - Society

Caxito - The State Secretary for Social Welfare, Lucio Gonçalves do Amaral, Friday showed satisfaction with the projects for demobilized soldiers of FAPLA and FALA in the province of Bengo.

During his visit, Lúcio do Amaral traveled to the localities of Paranho, Bukula, Úlua and Ibêndua, municipality of Dande, where projects are being carried out.

In the projects of the localities of Paranho, Bukula, Úlua and Ibêndua, are inserted more than 300 ex-soldiers, in an area of about 500 hectares, producing banana, cassava, lemon, sugare-cane, papaya, peanut and the creation of goats and pigs.

Speaking to the press, after the visit, Lúcio do Amaral said he was pleased to observe the will and strength of the ex-military in clearing the land to grow food.

He said he took good note of the problems posed by ex-military personnel, highlighting access to personal identification, drinking water, health, access roads, transportation to drain agricultural production, working tools and seeds.