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All urged to join life expectancy effort

Fri, 21 Apr 2017 13:08 - Society

Luanda - Life expectancy at birth will be effective and fully attained through the contribution of everyone as the Health Ministry will do its part for the wellbeing of the children.

  • The presidium at the lecture on child life expectancy

This was said Thursday in Luanda by the official of the National Department of Public Health, João Cunha.

According to the source who was delivering the topic ”Life expectancy at birth” under a lecture on the 11 commitments on children, child mortality in Angola has dropped to 44 out of 100 live births, against 116 children in 1990.

The official explained that this drop was owed to the public policies in favour of children before five years of age, which has led to the fall in mortality rate from 194 children in 1990 to 64 out of 1000 births, thanks to the peace the country attained in 2002.

The official who mentioned the latest report, added that these figures show a positive leap concerning child mortality as a country’s wellbeing indicator which has elevated Angolans’ life expectancy from 40 in 1990 to 61 years.

João Cunha mentioned the construction of medical facilities, training of physicians and nurses, better services offered to the public and others as factors that led to the improvement of the situation.

The event was jointly sponsored by the Anibal de Melo Press Centre and the Health Ministry.