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Angola: Youths urged for entrepreneurial creativity - Minister

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 07:02 - Society

Luanda - Youth must be creative and continue to produce ideas to generate new jobs, said on Wednesday in Luanda the Minister of Youth and Sports, Albino da Conceição José.

  • Albino da Conceição, Minister of Youth and Sports

Albino da Conceição said so during a meeting he held with academic leaders, and urged the youths, in particular the young students, to have responsibility for the country's development, taking into account their training areas.

The official said that the executive under the National Youth Development Plan is working to bring in resources to improve the country's level of economy in ways to increase the market's ability to create jobs.

Under the ProJovem project, Albino da Conceição urged the youth with entrepreneurial ideas to join in cooperatives so as to continue with their plans.

The minister also called for the responsibility of the pre and post electoral process as citizens, to avoid conflicts and possible setbacks of the country.

Regarding the housing cooperative project for youths and students, which intends to design plots of land that were presented in the act, the official replied that it needs study and maturation because it is an intention that involves money ​​that must identify sources of financing so that The intention is feasible.