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Angola: Minister emphasises value of public/private partnerships

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 09:33 - Society

Luanda - The minister for Family Issues and Promotion of Women, Filomena Delgado, last Monday in Luanda emphasised the importance of public/private partnerships in solving some problems in the communities.

  • minister for Family Issues and Promotion of Women, Filomena Delgado.

The government official expressed such position at a ceremony, held in Luanda’s Rangel District, in which she handed out work kits to female hawkers, as a result of a partnership between the Coca-Cola firm and the mentioned governmental department.  

Filomena Delgado explained that the state by itself cannot do everything, reason why public/private partnerships are very important.

She revealed that she has been working with firms, NGOs and churches to be able to materialise her responsibilities.

As regards the distribution of work kits to female hawkers, the minister said it is a small gesture but filled with great importance, because there are examples of people who start up in such manner and have ended up building a big business enterprise.

She also revealed that her department has been working with the Provincial Government of Luanda to formalise the activity of those ladies, adding that the distribution of kits is just an example of the institutional assistance that will be provided to such enterprising initiatives.