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Tocoist Church bishop points out main divorce causes

Thu, 21 Dec 2017 10:54 - Society

Luanda - Poverty, sexual impotence and the intromission of relatives in the couple’s life are the main causes behind 90 per cent of divorce cases in Angola, said last Wednesday the bishop of the Our Lord Jesus Christ in the World Church, also dubbed Simão Toco (Tocoist) Church, Afonso Nunes.

  • Afonso Nunes,Tocoist church bishop.

The cleric made such pronouncement when delivering a lecture on the topic “The modern christian woman and the divorce, causes and consequences in society.   

Afonso Nunes went on to explain that the lack of financial resources on the part of husbands has caused many women (wives) to look for other partners and, consequently, the couple ends up breaking up.   

He stressed that the lack of employment hitting many youths, as well as the unmeasured ambition and impatience of many women have caused the breaking up of a lot of love affairs.

Bishop Afonso Nunes reminded also that the intromission of relatives in a couple’s relationship is also an important factor causing many love affairs to end.

He called on churches to tackle these issues in the right moments with the people involved to help the couples overcome the problem in an appropriate manner, having also into account the welfare of the family members, especially the children.