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Minister wants projects to dignify former combatants

Fri, 22 Dec 2017 07:09 - Society

Luanda - The Minister of Former Combatants and Motherland Veterans, João Ernesto dos Santos "Liberdade" defended Thursday the need to create profitable projects aimed at dignifying former combatants.

  • Ministrer of former combatants and motherland veterans, João Ernesto dos Santos ´Liberdade`
  • Minister visits Ramiros
  • Visit to housing compound of former combatants in Ramiros
  • housing compound of former combatants in Ramiros

The official said so at the end of a visit he made to the urban district of Ramiros in Luanda, as part of the commemoration of January 4, Martyrs Day of the Colonial Repression", opened Wednesday and will last until January 15.

According to João Ernesto dos Santos, his ministry under the execution of the country's development programme for 2017/2022 will do everything for the dignification of the former combatants and will pay special attention to the urban district of Ramires so that the former fighters residents in that locality may feel the support of the government.

The official said that after the meeting with the former combatants he had a good impression because he was able to listen to their concerns, highlighting the lack of drinking water supply, anarchic occupation of land distributed to former combatants, civil registration, among others.