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Independence and Peace deemed conquests of two generations

Thu, 21 Dec 2017 09:35 - Society

Luanda - Independence and Peace are conquests made by two generations of combatants, reason why the present and future generations should know about this and preserve this history, Homeland Veterans minister said Wednesday.

  • João Ernesto dos Santos, minister of Former Combatants and Homeland Veterans

The minister of Former Combatants and Homeland Veterans, João Ernesto dos Santos " Liberdade", said that at the opening of the programme for the 4th  January national celebration, marking the commemoration of the Colonial Repression Martyrs Day, whose programme is running under the motto “Political Inspiration Source for National Independence”.  

In this ambit, he defended the need for continual joint work for the preservation of such conquests, which have been achieved with the sacrifice of all the Angolan nationalists.  

He called on former combatants and homeland veterans to adopt a consciousness of national unity and do away with the spirit of revenge, which can endanger the premises outlined by the Angolan Executive that aim at the reconstruction and multifaceted development of the country.   

João Ernesto dos Santos " Liberdade" went on to stress that the Executive is working to improve the condition and benefits of former combatants, reason why next year it will revise the Law on the Former Combatants.  

“Imbued with a nationalist spirit, Angolans, united around a single goal, manifested themselves against the foreign occupation, with the consequence having been the revolt of 4th January 1961, in Malanje, known as the Baixa de Cassanje massacre, which happened after the peasants peacefully complained about their rights in face of the forced labour to which they were submitted”, explained the minister.     

The 4th Januray commemoration programme  will run until 15 January, 1918.