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Public media companies urged to change management paradigm

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 10:39 - Society

Luanda - The Social Communication minister, João Melo, Tuesday in Luanda considered wrong the thinking that public media companies should be run exclusively by journalists or people versed in the communication field.

  • Media managers meet with Finance, Labour officials
  • Media minister João Melo
  • The meeting presidium

The official said so while addressing the opening of a meeting he had with the ministers Finance and Labor, Employment and Social Security, Archer Mangueira and Jesus Maiato, respectively.

Minister Melo said that public media companies must be run by competent and serious managers, whether linked to the journalistic field or not.

He also explained that the main problem does not rest with the organs’ editorial policy or content, but instead with their management.

This, he added, justifies the need for the presence of the Finances minister to help find better ways to settle the problems facing the communication sector.

According to the official, the media companies are not there just to come up with complaints, but to start doing something to improve their domestic management.

João Melo added that this is the first commitment of the media sector to doing well towards overcoming management problems, assuring the willingness of the institutions to improve.

However, he mentioned other needs of the sector that will require the intervention of the Finance Ministry.