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Angola notified to return Global Fund swindled money

Tue, 28 Nov 2017 14:30 - Society

Luanda - The Health Ministry has been notified by the Global Fund, an international institution that has assisted Angola in fighting malaria, to return Akz 76.1 million, following irregularities noted in the use of the money.

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The information was released Monday in Luanda by Maria de Fátima Saiundo, saying the money had been handed over by the Global Fund Technical Management Unit in 2014 to the Angolan firm NC&NN.

According to Fátima Saiundo who at the time of the events was the coordinator of the Global Fund Technical Management Unit said the money that was meant for NC&NN to purchase mosquito nets and publicity material for the malaria combat awareness campaign in the country was not used as expected.

The official added that the poor quality of the mosquito nets and publicity material, coupled with the NC&NN’s failure to meet the terms, justified the refund notification.

In this regard, Nilton Saraiva, a NC&NN partner, said he was baffled why he was being tried, as his company did meet all the terms of the contract with the Malaria Combat Programme of which he was also a deputy coordinator.

He added that in March 2015 he delivered all material requested, despite the delay in arrivals from Namibia, South Africa and China.

Sonia Neves, Mauro Filipe and Nilton Saraiva Francisco are being tried in the Global Fund case, involving the swindling of Akz 160 million plus Usd 500,000 that was meant for the malaria combat.

The next hearing is set for Wednesday, 29 November.