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Defendant says returned Usd 500,000 to Global Fund

Tue, 21 Nov 2017 10:55 - Society

Luanda - The defendant Mauro Felipe, one of the three people being tried for swindling money allocated to fight malaria in the country, said he returned Usd 558,850 after he was notified by the Health Ministry to do so.

  • Trial of Health officials (file)

Speaking on Monday during the trial, Mauro Felipe said he received two transfers of Usd 266,370 and Usd  318,480 in 2013 from the Global Fund Technical Management Unit of the Health Ministry, to prepare advertising material for awareness campaigns. 

The defendant also told the court he returned all the money as the advertisement was not done and due to possible irregularities in the money transfer, and the wording for the adverts was not sent to him.

Mauro Felipe, owner of the firm EM-Gestinfortec, stated that he has a service and consulting contract with the Health Ministry and in line with that he bought computing devices for the Global Fund Management Unit.

He also said he received USD 167,457 for the services provided, with which he bought two vehicles and construction materials that have been seized by the Attorney’s Office.

On the other hand, the Attorney’s Office is also accusing Sónia Carla de Oliveira Neves, Nilton Saraiva Francisco, of stealing Akz 160 million and Usd 500,000 aimed at the combat against malaria in Angola.

The Luanda Province Court will convene again on 27 November this year.