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Covid-19: Hoji Ya Henda under cordon sanitaire

Tue, 12 May 2020 10:59 - Health

Luanda - Luanda province's Hoji Ya Henda neighborhood has been since Monday under strengthened epidemiological surveillance through the implementation of a cordon sanitaire, due to the five cases of local transmission of covid-19 detected by the health authorities.

  • Franco Mufinda, Secretary of state for public health

The information was released by the Secretary of State for Public Health, Franco Mufinda.

He said that  90 of the more than 3,000 residents, under cordon sanitaire, have been forced to observe the institutional quarantine in Calumbro 1 and 2 centers, as well as in one of the hotel units in Luanda.

Speaking to press conference for the latest updates on COVID-19, the official said that the measure aimed to arrest the spread of the local contagion, caused by “case 31”.

He alluded to  a 36-year-old Guinean citizen, trader and resident in the Hoji Ya Henda neighborhood, who arrived in Angola from Portugal on flight DT-653 of 17 March 2020 and who did not observe home quarantine.

In addition to this, Mufinda also mentioned the “case 26”, which infected 13 people, mostly members of his family.

He explained that the “case 26” involves an Angolan citizen who came from Portugal on the 18th of March and who did not also comply with the home quarantine.

In view of the “case 26”, the urban district of Futungo, municipality of Talatona, and the neighborhood Cassenda, district of Maianga, in Luanda, have, since last Tuesday, been subject to extraordinary cordon sanitaire to contain the spread of local contamination.