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Covid-19: Angola with three more diagnostic centers

Mon, 11 May 2020 12:15 - Health

Luanda - The country has three more diagnostic centers, located at Hospital Esperança, Hospital Geral de Luanda and Hospital Sanatório de Luanda, announced Sunday night the Minister of Health, Sílvia Lutucuta.

  • Health minister, Sílvia Lutucuta

With the entry into operation of the new laboratories, the country will have six covid-19 testing points in Luanda, with the current laboratories installed at the National Institute for the Fight against AIDS, Military Hospital and the National Institute for Health Research.

According to the minister, who was speaking at a press conference, by the end of this week, the provinces of Benguela, Huambo and Huila will also be able to count on centres of its kind.

Each laboratory, the minister said, already in operation, processes an average of 90 samples per day, despite having a higher capacity.

So far, the three laboratories in operation have received 5,642 samples, of which 2,239 tested negative, 45 positive and 358 are in laboratory processing.

Without mentioning the number of passengers tested, she confirmed that most of the travellers who arrived in Angola on March 17, 18 and 19 flights and only one citizen from Guinea-Conakry tested positive (case 31, at Hoji-Ya-Henda).

Silvia Lutucuta said that Angola still has a low rate of local transmission, but a step of community transmission if prevention measures are not taken.

As for the peak of the disease in the country, the minister said that Angola may not reach 10,000 cases of covid-19 by June, as estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) if all prevention measures to cut the chain of transmission are met.

On the other hand, she made it known that Angola does not have agreements with Cuba for medical assistance of Angolans in that country, through the National Health Board, stating that Angolans who resort to Cuba for medical treatment do so with their own resources.

"Angola only has agreements for medical assistance to Angolans with Portugal and South Africa," he said.