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Angolan physician advocates combat against neglected diseases

Tue, 20 Aug 2019 10:34 - Health

Luanda - The Angolan doctor Filomeno Fortes, chairperson of the Hygiene Institute and Tropical Medicine of Lisbon (IHMT), underscored on Monday in Luanda, that the institution he leads is prioritizing the research, with view to tackling neglected tropical diseases.

  • Filomeno Fortes (Left) Awarded by UPRA University - Angola
  • Filomeno Fortes Awarded by UPRA

For this goal to be achieved a team of specialists with technical, clinical and laboratorial knowledge is needed, the doctor has said.

Filomeno Fortes also underlined that the IHMT has placed the training of public health staff as top priority.

According to the specialist, neglected tropical diseases are a joint of varied infectious and endemic pathologies affecting roughly 149 countries and over1 billion people.

The diseases, the doctor said, affect mainly African, Asian and Latin American people living in poverty without access to basic sanitary conditions most of them are in contact with vector of varied illnesses.