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Cabinda: Entry points ready to contain Ebola

Tue, 13 Aug 2019 17:11 - Health

Cabinda - Angola?s northern Cabinda province, which shares the border with Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Republic of the Congo, said it was equipped to handle potential cases of virus of Ebola at its borders.

  • Cabinda: Yema border check point

Juliana Wyny of the provincial of public health and endemic control department mentioned materials such as thermometers, gloves, expendable materials as well as tents and detergents as part of the equipment available at Cabinda's border posts.

Wyny said Tuesday that technicians are on alert at the border entry points of Yema and Tando Zinze, south and southeast of Cabinda, with the DRC.

Experts are also vigilant in north of Cabinda, the localities of Massabi and Miconje which share border  ??with Republic of Congo.

Cabinda province has never reported any cases of Ebola.

The crossing points of Massabi and Yema are home to high level of mass movement of persons both sides.