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Governor calls for correct management of medicines

Thu, 11 Oct 2018 18:07 - Health

Camacupa - The need to improve the management of drugs and equipment in hospitals in the province, for equitable distribution to users was one of the ways to restore the credibility of the population in public health units, said the local governor, Pereira Alfredo.

  • Governor Pereira Alfredo

The governor made these statements to Angop, last Wednesday, in the municipality of Camacupa, 82 kilometers east of the city of Cuito as part of his first trip to the interior of the province in his capacity of provincial governor.

Pereira Alfredo said on the occasion that the inadequate management of medicines has led to insufficient quality of care for patients in health units, but challenged municipal administrators and hospital managers to create a drug management plan to ensure rational and decent care for the population.

The country's current financial situation, he said, obliges health officials and officials to promote more actions to raise awareness among the population about the prevention of pathologies, to reduce the number of people who request health units in search of medicine-medical care.