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Preventive measures against respiratory diseases recommended

Wed, 16 May 2018 18:32 - Health

Mbanza Kongo - Residents in northern Zaire province have been urged to take precautions against acute respiratory diseases, which are typical in this dry season.

Made the call was physician Kanza Kiangebeni on Wednesday when speaking to Angop in the capital of Zaire province, Mbanza Congo.

Also director of Mbanza Congo’s Municipal Hospital Nursing, pointed out bronchitis, bronchopneumonia, simple pneumonia, and asthma, as the most frequent diseases in this season.

The general practitioner said that such complications, easily transmissible, are more frequent in dry season due to the contraction of breathing organs of the respiratory system, such as bronchi and bronchioles at the level of the lungs, due to intense cold.

He recommends the improvement of personal hygiene and other measures, such cleaning of homes, keeping windows and doors open in daytime to allow ventilation, among others.

In Angola, dry or cold season starts on May 15 running until August 15.