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Benguela: Official announces termination of private services to hospital

Wed, 10 Jan 2018 15:10 - Health

Benguela - Services provided by a clinic called "Internacional" of outpatients consultations and pharmacy managed by private entities, inside the General Hospital (HGB) of Benguela, end next February.

  • Provincial director of health, António Manuel Cabinda

The fact was announced by the Provincial Health Director, António Manuel Cabinda, stressing that the move is meant to restore legality.

António Cabinda explained that the process which started this month is intended to terminate the privatisation of health units within the General Hospital of Benguela and others that may eventually be discovered.

He recalled that the privatisation project of public units in the HGB benefitted a private company that turned a ward into a clinic and the management of the outpatient consultations and pharmacy.

Such practices, he added, beaches the regulation rules of the health sector.