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Huila: Fight against Aids programme expands services

Tue, 29 Aug 2017 11:28 - Health

Lubango - The Fight Against Aids Programme in the southern Huila Province since last May has been expanding its services of voluntary HIV tests and the holding of counselling campaigns in the interior of the province, said Tuesday in Lubango City the local head of the institution, Levy Gomes.

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Speaking to ANGOP, Levy Gomes announced that the institution’s work is focused on massive distribution of informative leaflets, aimed at reducing the infection rate.

He said this action will also be taken to places like schools and markets, with a view to reinforcing the sensitisation work.

In the second quarter of the present year, the institution carried out HIV/Aids tests to 25,184 people (adults and children), in view of which it was recorded 827 Hiv/Aids positive cases and 87 deaths.