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Angola: Cornerstone for building Pediatric Hematology Institute Laid

Tue, 15 Aug 2017 07:12 - Health

Luanda - The cornerstone for the construction of the Pediatric Hematology Institute of Angola was laid on Monday in Luanda by the Vice-president of the Republic, Manuel Domingos Vicente, in order to increase the provision of these services to the population.

  • Vice-President, Manuel Vicente, lays cornerstone for building pediatrics Hematology institute
  • Maquette of the Future pediatrics Hematology institute
  • cabinet officials present at the cornerstone laying act

The infrastructure, to be built in about 24 months, was designed mainly to respond to diseases with hematological causes and/or origins, such as sickle-cell anemia, acute and chronic leukaemias and lymphomas.

The five-floor building will comprise technical areas and complementary administrative areas, namely the morgue, with 12 drawers, a pharmacy, laundry, a hospital waste storage area and a car park.

The hospital will have all vertical access via stairs, elevators, public and patient ramps, as well as 10 offices, an observation room, a blood transfusion room, an imaging laboratory, administrative and educational area and an amphitheater for more than 100 seats.

On the occasion, the Health minister, Luís Gomes Sambo, who witnessed the act, said that "the project is of great interest for children's health and with special care to assist sickle cell disease or sickle cell anemia.

According to him, the Institute will have four main areas of intervention, such as a Support Center to child with anemia, with capacity to assist 100 children per day, with 60 percent in emergency service and 40% in outpatient.

The second area will be for the Pediatric Hemotherapy Services, in liaison with the National Blood Institute, and the third obe, the Center for Bone Marrow Transplant, in collaboration with the Institute of Fight Against Cancer and other reference hospital units, depending on the legal framework to be established in the country on the transplant of human organs.

However, the fourth area of ​​intervention will be related to epidemiology, prevention, education and family support, in collaboration with the National Directorate of Public Health.

"This project of the Ministry of Health is aimed for medical care of patients in the hematological and immunohistochemical nature, conduct clinical and epidemiological research and specialize technical staff in the field of hematology", said the minister.