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Over 40,000 cases of malaria recorded in Saurimo

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 09:53 - Health

Saurimo - At least 43,604 cases of malaria have been recorded in the last 10 months, against the 55,243 cases in the same period of last year in the municipality of Saurimo, northeastern Lunda Sul province.

  • Cases of malaria in Saurimo

The information was released by the municipal director of Health, Joaquim Paulo Messene, stressing that there has been a drop in the case this year.

According to the official, the drop in cases of malaria recorded this year was the result of hard work  undertaken by the local public health department in the communities, which included awareness lectures on the importance of prevention. 

The official who would not say the number of deaths caused by malaria during the period being analysed, stressed that the disease worries the authorities and is a top priority on the department’s agenda.

He also explained that the cases of malaria are normally caused by the change of season and poor basic sanitary conditions in the neighborhoods, and urged people to avoid stagnant waters and waste.

Joaquim Messene also expressed concern about patients seeking assistance in hospitals in critical condition, often resulting in death.

However, he said the hospitals lack medicines for malaria and called for assistance from concerned authorities.