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Haemodialysis centres in Benguela stop functioning

Tue, 14 Nov 2017 09:21 - Health

Benguela - The Haemodialysis centres in the centre-west Benguela Province’s municipal hospitals last Monday halted their activities due to workers’ complaints relating to roughly six months delay in salary payments.

  • Patient being seen at an Haemodialysis centre.

Speaking to ANGOP, the clinical director of the Haemodialysis centre of Benguela Municipality, Alcides Tomás, revealed that if the problem with the salaries of workers continue in the next 24 hours, the consequences will be more fatal for the 220 patients that depend on its services.      

Alcides Tomás, who is also a nephrologist, explained that the 220 patients who are being treated in the centre need to have their treatment continued very soon, otherwise they run a serious risk of losing their lives.

ANGOP has learnt that that about 80 workers, among nurses and cleaning staff, have not received their salaries in the last six months, so last Monday they decided to bring their activities to a halt.  

Alcides Tomás informed that the centre has actually been facing salary problems since the year 2014.

“When the Ministry of Health does not make the regular payments to the institution, it runs out of sources to pay the salaries to its workers”, explained the physician.

In view of this situation, he appealed to the provincial government of Benguela to approach the Health Ministry on the issue as soon as possible with a view to having the problem resolved immediately, so that the centre can resume its normal functioning.