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Cuvango: Over 79,000 to be vaccinated against yellow fever

Mon, 06 Nov 2017 11:46 - Health

Cuvango - More than 79,000 people, among children and adults, will be vaccinated against yellow fever until 15 November this year in Cuvango municipality, 356 kilometers east of Lubango, southern Huíla province.

  • Huíla: Cuvango health director, Cláudio Maria
  • Huíla: Yellow fever vaccination in Cuvango

The information was delivered Monday to Angop in Cuvango by the municipal director of health, Cláudio Maria, stating that the vaccination began on Saturday under a national campaign.

He said that there has been no case of yellow fever in the municipality since two years ago, and the campaign is only for prevention.

85,000 doses of the vaccine are available for the operation.

In the last campaign held in 2016, the same number of people were vaccinated in the municipality against the disease.