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Moxico: State Secretary recommends better hospital management

Wed, 01 Nov 2017 19:04 - Health

Luena - An improvement in the management of medicines, personnel and hospital equipment to face the current moment of financial containment, was Wednesday, in Luena, recommended by the Secretary of State of Health for Hospital Area, Altino Matias.

  • Health delegation visit Moxico province
  • Delegação da Saúde visita Moxico

Speaking to the press, after a 24-hour visit to Moxico province for a "quick survey" of the province's health infrastructure, he acknowledged there was a shortage of drugs in certain hospitals.

"There is some shortage in some hospitals. There are pure management issues. We have to see the people who are managing the medicines and other of the Hospitals. We are advising on the need not to miss consumable materials, especially in maternity".

He emphasized the "numerous and important" health facilities in Moxico, but lacking staff to be managed, remaining inactive, some since the re-inauguration of reference hospitals namely, Moxico General Hospital, Municipal and Provincial Maternity.