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Technological innovation to improve living quality

Wed, 24 Oct 2018 17:14 - National Reconstruction

Luanda - The Angolan minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Maria do Rosário Sambo, Wednesday in Luanda said that the promotion of technological innovation must ally with companies so that projects can result in the improvement of living quality.

  • Minister of Higher Education, Maria do Rosário Bragança (file photo)

Speaking to journalists on the Engineering and Architecture Conference of the Engineering Faculty of the Agostinho Neto University (UAN), Maria do Rosário Sambo said that projects should be designed to produce new effects in society.

"It is important the collaboration between the different actors, such as governments, companies and students, the better the application of science, technology and innovation in order to present solutions to the problems and challenges of society" - said Maria do Rosário Sambo who at the same time, stressed that it has assigned a fundamental role to technological innovation in the implementation of sustainable development.

To her, the conference is one of the ways universities have to contribute and alert governments to accelerate the process of healthy development.

"My intention is in an event of this nature to bring the objectives of sustainable development because it is the way that universities have to contribute to this global agenda that aims to improve the living quality of the planet and the preservation of it," She said.

According to the minister, the event allows the exercise of communicating in science and providing effective cooperation between government, universities and the business sector.

This initiative is well integrated into the efforts for science, technology and innovation and the promotion of innovation and technology transfer is in accordance with the National Development Plan 2018/2022 - she said.