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Uíge: Resumption of Uíge/Songo rehabilitation works

Thu, 18 May 2017 16:06 - National Reconstruction

Uíge - The earthworks and asphalting of the road between the city of Uíge and the municipalities of Songo and Bembe, paralyzed in 2016 for technical and financial reasons, resumed Wednesday.

  • Roads under rehabilitation in províince of Uíge (File)

The MINUILA project began in 2015, within a period of 36 months and has already been paved 20 kilometers from the 150 km planned to the border of the municipality of Bembe with the province of Zaire.

The director of Empresa Minuila, Adriano Zage, stated that the material, technical and human conditions are created so that the contract can be completed by the deadline.

More than 90 men, including Angolans and expatriates, are involved in the works.

The provincial governor of Uíge, Paulo Pombolo, who attended the restart of the works, asked the contractor to work quickly and present with desired quality, within the established deadline.