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Covid-19: PGR confirms investigation on pandemic funds

Fri, 22 May 2020 13:02 - Politics

Sumbe - Provincial Prosecutor of the coastal Cuanza Sul Province , Joaquim Macedo da Fonseca, announced last Thursday, in Sumbe City, that investigations are underway as a result of some complaints about alleged mismanagement of 75 million kwanzas granted by the central government for covid-19 prevention programme in the region.

  • Cuanza Sul: Provincial Prosecutor Joaquim Macedo da Fonseca.

The public prosecutor told ANGOP that "there are indeed some investigation processes underway as a result of some complaints that a group of citizens has filed with the our services and which were published on social media".

Two investigation processes were opened in the Attorney-General Office (PGR) and the Criminal Investigation Police (SIC) regarding an alleged mismanagement of 75 million Kwanzas that the State has granted to the Province of Cuanza Sul for the prevention of covid-9, explained Joaquim Macedo da Fonseca.

The prosecutor assured that "at this moment, diligences are underway to ascertain whether or not the complaints are consistent, which is why the director of the provincial health office, Felizardo Manuel, was invited to answer question at the SIC".

He explained that the person in charge was not imposed any measure and that he was not even accused, since the authorities are checking the veracity of the facts.

He also assured that the investigations of the PGR will be quick and may not take more than 45 days.