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Base Law on Civil Protection goes to final vote Friday

Fri, 22 May 2020 11:24 - Politics

Luanda - The deputies of the National Assembly will have a final vote on the Civil Protection Base Law this Friday, which was approved in global terms, last Wednesday, by the legislative house.

  • National Assembly (Angolan parliament) building.

The diploma, an the initiative of the head of the Executive, submitted to the National Assembly (Angolan parliament) as a matter of urgency, aims to create a legislative framework, in a scenario different from the State of Emergency, which allows the existence of a set of rules to deal efficiently with any situation of public calamity.

With these measures, we will be facing a different domain of constitutional exception and suspension of fundamental rights, that is, under such law the country will not be facing situations of limitations on fundamental rights.

Under this law, ANGOP has learnt, administrative measures may be applied, although abnormal, taken in times of anomaly, without suspending fundamental rights.

The amendment aims to adapt the law to the 2010 Constitution, since the previous one, in force since 2003, does not assign sufficient tools to the Executive Branch, to put in place an effective response system in situations of serious collective risk.

In order to make it more comprehensive, the Executive has proposed a change to the respective denomination, from Civil Protection Base Law to Civil Protection and Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Law.

Parliamentarians will also discuss and vote, in general terms, on the Draft-Law that approves the Motor Vehicles Tax Code.