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Angolan Armed Forces celebrate 28 years of existence

Wed, 09 Oct 2019 12:59 - Politics

Luanda - The Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) are celebrating this Wednesday, 09 October, 28 years since their creation, with the last seventeen years dedicated to the defense of peace and democracy, coupled with the focus on missions of peace and humanitarian assistance.

  • Effectives of the Angolan armed forces (FAA).

In the ambit of the Bicesse Agreements, in 1991 the former People's Liberation Armed Forces of Angola (FAPLA) and the extinguished Angolan Armed Liberation Forces (FALA) merged into one, thus becoming the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA).

This process started with the influence of the Bicesse (Portugal) Agreement, which, in view of the agreed cease-fire, outlined training and upgrading programmes for both FAPLA and FALA military personnel.

The Angolan Armed Forces are divided into three sectors, namely the Army, Air Force and Navy.

With their creation, it was agreed that the first troops to assign to the Air Force and Navy should be provided by the FAPLA, knowing that FALA did not have such units. As part of their reorganisation process, the FAA have made investments in staff training inside the country and abroad,  while adapting themselves to the country’s educational institutions, the demands of the present and future challenges.

For the modernization intended for the FAA, the General Staff has been working hard in selecting the new troops for the national armed forces, with special focus on young people.

Meanwhile, after 28 year of restructuring and modernization, the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) have taken part in the reconstruction of the country, such as in the construction of bridges, participation in landmines clearance, reopening of roads, literacy programmes, vaccination campaigns, health assistance as well as some contributions for the betterment of community education, helping them to understand aspects relating to natural disasters and sexually transmitted diseases.

The main ceremony for the celebration will be held this year in Ambriz Municipality, northern province of Bengo.