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China eyes co-operation reinforcement with Angola

Wed, 11 Sep 2019 13:23 - Politics

Luanda - The Chinese authorities reaffirmed last Tuesday, in Luanda, their intention to reinforce the co-operation with Angola, especially in the industrial domain.

The interest was manifested by the ambassador of China to Angola, Gong Tao, who disclosed that the Asian country intends to set up assembly plants for cars and fishing boats, as well as set up recycling posts, aiming at broadening the country’s industrial capacity and provide jobs.

Currently, the co-operation between both countries mainly covers the areas of agriculture, crude oil and civil engineering.

Recent data show that the business volume between Angola and China went beyond the USD 26 billion figure last year.    

Speaking recently with journalists, China’s ambassador to Angola said that private Chinese entrepreneurs are currently studying the Angolan market to identify investment areas and the level of business opportunities.

The diplomat went on to say that since 2002, the year in which the Asian country reinforced its presence in Angola, China has repaired 2,800 kilometres of railway, 20 kilometres of roads, built 100,000 social houses, over six schools and hospitals.

Such undertaking, he said, is intended to boost Angola’s socioeconomic development.

In the ambit of existing memos, Angola has exported to China crude oil, alcoholic beverages and juices.